Why Education Matters? 

Why education matters? 

Recent posts and memes circulating in all the social media depict the success rates of all the college dropouts who were successful being an entrepreneur. It included big personalities such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. While India suffers from unemployment does education still play a role in the lives of the citizens? The common answer Knowledge is Power does not suffice the unemployed graduates running for interviews and working odd jobs because money plays a vital role in our lives to survive.  

Parents, teachers, and other educational facilitators need to understand that Education is beyond marks and grades (even some students need to be given awareness). It is beyond getting a degree certificate at the end of three years or five years program stating that the person qualifies as a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. The educational system has been working in a way such that the key to get a job is education, while the fundamental objective of Education is acquisition of knowledge, developing skills, beliefs, values, and more importantly learning morals and respecting other fellow human beings. Education kindles the curiosity in an individual to explore the deepest-darkest mysteries in the universe. More importantly Education promotes humanity and kindness to human beings.  

Education brings people together breaking the barriers and boundaries between people; it changes the perception about life and provides new dimension for people to look upon. It can break the society’s myth and invalid norms. “Everything that you have written is fine, what have you got to say about jobs? Don’t you want marks to clear sbi po 2018?”  

Is it what going on in your minds? Students from B. Tech colleges in Punjab can make changes and make the whole world look at them. If one is interested in education and learns the nitty-gritty of it can bring huge changes in the world. To be precise like that of the changes and achievements brought by big personalities such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. One can argue that those personalities were college dropouts but they were so sure of educating themselves with respect to their field. They might have dropped out of educational institutes but never stopped learning. 

The success stories will always be sweeter to hear and read. The point to be taken from them is that Education did play a part in their life. They wanted to create something for the world with the aid of education. With the availability of Internet everyone is given the access to Information. If used appropriately, information can be converted to knowledge. 

People need to be aware of education. Children should go to schools; students should enroll in various programs, say for an instance B. Tech colleges in Punjab. There are plenty of educational institutions and various programs and courses across disciplines for the students to be passionate about and bring changes in the universe. If followed properly, education will lead the graduates and learned professional to jobs like SBI PO 2019 


Education is the key to solve huge problems in the world: hunger, poverty, water scarcity, and even unemployment. Education strictly does not mean memorizing and writing answering huge pages in examinations. If that mentality changes among the students and the current educational system, India has an opportunity to stand atop among the developed nationals. They can be the pioneer to bring the world to be one happy place for all the people to live in a harmony. Without any doubt Education acts as the foundation for the human race to keep going. No matter how cliché it is but Knowledge is Power. Education matters!    

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