What is the ideal score to crack IBPS PO? 

The IBPS PO 2019 Exam will commence shortly. We hope that you all are working hard for the preparation of this exam.  

As far as Bank Exams are concerned, hard work should be accompanied with smart work. 

Many a times it happens that we are weak in one of the three sections asked in Preliminary Exam and we keep on practicing that section while ignoring the others. Well, this is definitely not the right approach as you have to clear the sectional cut off as well apart from the overall cutoff score. Solving previous years question papers help us a lot in getting a fair idea of the real time exam. Similarly, previous years’ cut-off help us to understand how much effort should we put in, in any particular section.  

In this article we shall help you in knowing the approximate score which you should target in the  exam of IBPS PO. 

For this, understanding the trend of cutoff scores followed in the previous years is a must.  

Let’s have a look at the cut off of IBPS PO 2016 

Section Maximum Score General SC/ST/PWD/OBC 
English Language 30 7.00 4.50 
Reasoning Ability 35 8.50 5.50 
Quantitative Aptitude 35 8.25 5.25 

We notice that the sectional cut off was quite less considering the level of paper but we were surprised to see the high over all cut-off. 

Category Cut Off 
General 47.50 
OBC 46.50 
SC 40.00 
ST 31.25 
OC 32.75 
VI 31.50 
HI 18.00 

The overall cut off of 47.50 was unexpected as the exam was not that easy. But the increase in cut off was because of fewer vacancies as compared to 2015. 

Now we shall see cut off of 2017 to have a better understanding of changing IBPS PO pattern over the years. 

Section Maximum Score General SC/ST/PWD/OBC 
English Language 30 5.00 2.75 
Reasoning Ability 35 10.00 6.75 
Quantitative Aptitude 35 7.75 4.75 

Let’s see the overall cut-off of IBPS PO 2017 

Category Cut Off 
General 42.75 
OBC 42.25 
SC 36 
ST 28.50 
OC 28.75 
VI 23.25 
HI 15.75 


Now we shall see the difference in the cut off of the two years. 

Section 2016 2017 Difference 
English Language 7.00 5.00 -2 
Reasoning Ability 8.50 10.00 +1.50 
Quantitative Aptitude 8.25 7.75 -0.50 
Final 47.50 42.75 -4.75 
  • If we see the papers of 2016 and 2017, we find that the exam paper of 2017 was tougher than that of 2016.  
  • The mathematics questions were quite calculative in 2017. There were two DI sets consisting of a total of 10 questions and one set was quite time-consuming. There were no questions on quadratic equations which used to give brownie points to students earlier. 
  • While talking about English, there was a new topic which was not in 2016, where the students had to identify the sentence which was not contributing to the central theme of the passage; which was actually error spotting with a twist. There were questions on a phrasal replacement which were not that easy. In Reading Comprehension, there were 4-5 questions on vocabulary which were easy. 
  • In Reasoning Ability Section of 2017 Exam, there were 4 puzzles of moderate-difficult level and they were time-consuming. In some slots, we saw questions of Coding-Decoding while in others, questions of Syllogism were asked. So you must be ready to see changes. In 2016, we saw 3 easy-moderate level puzzles and rest were miscellaneous questions.  

In IBPS PO 2019, there is a sectional timing of 20 minute each. Well, now you have to prepare well for English as this is the only section in which you don’t have to pick pen and paper. You don’t have the leverage to leave the passage now since now you will have ample time to read the passage given in the question. You have to read with full concentration and understand the theme of the passage. For that, we shall suggest you to read The Hindu or Economic Times.  

Right selection of questions is very important. For example in Reasoning Ability Section, don’t solve the puzzle first, go for miscellaneous questions and then for seating arrangement question sets. Similarly in Mathematics, solve Number Series Questions and Simplification Questions first and you will be able to secure 10 marks in less than 4 minutes. 

Don’t be scared of change in pattern as it is for everyone. We would suggest you to practice 2 mock tests daily and analyze them thoroughly. This will help you in accommodating to Real time examination.  

Solve SBI PO 2019 Prelims Paper because all bank papers are usually inspired by SBI PO. Try to understand the concept behind each question and practice similar questions.  

As far as cut off is concerned, we can say that it is expected to hover around 50-52 marks.
So, try to attempt and score more than this target. Try to solve minimum 60 questions and don’t forget to maintain accuracy, there is no point in doing guess work if you don’t have any logic behind it. 

So, here is the ideal score which one must target in the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims exam 2019: 

  • English Language: 9+ marks 
  • Reasoning Ability: 12+ marks 
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 10-11+ marks 
  • Overall Exam: 50+ marks 

However, remember that this is not the prediction of an expected cutoff. These are merely the target scores which one must try to achieve in the exam in order to be shortlisted for the Mains phase.  

So with few days in hand, practice hard. Revise all the concepts, formulae and grammar rules. 

Be confident and optimistic. 

Don’t forget to download  IBPS PO preparation app. It provides free study material, quizzes, mock test, question papers, and all the notifications related Bank exams. 

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