UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key 2019 Exam

UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key 2019 Exam

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UPTET Answer Key 

UPTET Official answer key 2019: कल जारी होगी परीक्षा की आंसर की, 23 नवंबर की शाम 6 बजे तक ली जाएंगी ऑनलाइन आपत्ति

UPTET Result 2019

121. The World Environment Day falls

(1) 2nd December (2) 16th September (3) 5th June (4) 11th July

122. M. S. Swaminathan was

(1) a journalist (2) an agricultural scientist (3) an ecologist (4) an ornithologist

123. Where is Wildlife Institute of India (‘ located?
Answer: Coimbatore 

124. During photosynthesis, following is absorbed by gi

(1) Helium (2) Nitrogen (3) Carbon dioxide (4) Oxygen

125. The organisms which products are called

(1) detrivores (2) carnivores (3) herbivores (4) chemovores

126. What type of energy is heated groundwater?

Answer: Geothermal energy

127. Shola grasslands are found in

(1) the Western Ghats (2) the Eastern Ghats (3) the Himalayas (4) the Vindhyans

128. In India, pelicans breed in

(1) Nelapattu (2) Koonthankulam (3) Kokkare Bellur (4) All of the above

129. `Minamata disease’ was caused by eating fish which have high levels of
Answer: mercury

130. Maximum ozone depletion has been observed in which of the following?

(1) The North Pole (2) The South Pole (3) The Equator (4) None of the above

131. Who among the following was the first Chief Justice of India?
Answer: Hiralal J. Kania

132. The ‘Red Data Book’ is related to

(1) pollution in rivers

(2) decreasing underground water level

(3) animals near extinction

(4) air pollution.

133. Who among the following is the presci Chairperson of the National Commission for Women?

(1) Girija Vyas (2) Rekha Sharma (3) Malini Bhattacharya (4) Yasmeen Abrar

134. The joint sitting of the Lok Sabha a.. the Rajya Sabha of states is summont. by

(1) the President (2) the Speaker of the Lok Sabha (3) the Parliament (4) the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

135. Which Part of the Constitution has the provisions for Panchayati Raj System?

Answer: VI 

136. 74th Amendment of the Constitution i: related to
Answer: Urban Local Self-Government

137. Which of the following gases soluble in rainwater causes acidic?

(1) Hydrogen peroxide (2) Nitrogen monoxide (3) Carbon dioxide (4) Sulphur dioxide

138. ‘Rule of Law’ concept has been taken the Indian Constitution from

(1) USA m (2) England (3) Switzerland (4) Ireland

139. Who carries out notification election of the Lok Sabha?

(1) Election Commission of India (2) The President (3) Home Ministry (4) Lok Sabha Secretariat

140. The first hour of business of the Lok Sabha is known as
Answer: Zero hour

141. What is Rainwater Harvesting?

(1) Collection and storage of used water (2) Collection and storage of rainwater (3) Distribution of water (4) None of the above

142. Indian Rhinoceros is protected in

(1) Corbett National Park (2) Kaziranga National Park (3) Bandipur National Park (4) Gir National Park

143. Which of the following series is true about energy flow in an ecosystem?

Answer: Producers—Consumers—Decomposers

144. Greenhouse gas, which is present in the highest quantity in atmosphere, is

(1) propane (2) ethane (3) carbon dioxide (4) methane

145. Plants are green due to which pigment?

(1) Carotenoid (2) Lycopene (3) Anthocyanin (4) Chlorophyll

146. Human activities that cause din change on the earth include burning of forests agricultural activities use of aerosol cans

(4) All of the above

147. Which crop belonging to the far Euphorbiaceae is known for produc biodiesel?
Answer: Jatropha

148. ‘The Queen of Herbs’ is the most sac: herb of India. This medicinal plant 1 importance in Hindu mythology and I-the scientific name Ocimum Sancti, What is it commonly called?
Answer: Tulsi

149. The water that is safe to drink is called

(1) potable water (2) distilled water (3) freshwater (4) tap water

150. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984 wz due to the leakage of which of following gases?

Answer: Methyl isocyanate

UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key UPTET Environmental Studies Answer Key

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