How To Prepare For Competitive Examinations

How To Prepare For Competitive Examinations 

This is an era of competition. And when it comes to the competitive exams, being well prepared is the key to success. No matter to which field we belong, competitive examinations are a must to get an admission into the reputed universities. A few people have a question of what is Civil services syllabus? However, to be aware of the syllabus, one has to start the preparation for the examination. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to prepare and ace the competitive examinations. 

  • Be smart – There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to preparing for the competitive examinations. However, if a pinch of smart work accompanied by hard work, that can create wonders. Always start with the subject that you mostly find difficult to learn. 
  • Say GoodBye to distractions – Make sure that you maintain an equilibrium between your studies and other activities. Set a separate time for your studies. Also, make sure that you are neither distracted nor disturbed by the people around you. 
  • Prepare a timetable – The moment you understand ‘what to prepare’ now move towards ‘how to prepare’. Be clever in managing your time. Set a routine timetable. And study during that time regularly. Make an ideal use of the time. 
  • Self assessment – One of the best ways to prepare for the competitive exams is by attempting the previous years’ sample papers. This helps you in determining your strengths and weaknesses. Also helps in a better understanding of the question paper pattern and easy to answer the paper in time. 
  • Revise – Never underrate the ability to revise the lessons. Revision is really an important factor. Make sure that you revise the keywords. No matter if you haven’t covered the whole syllabus. Start revising. 

Hence, these are a few strategies to crack the competitive exams. Follow the above tips to ace in the competitive exams. If you have any questions related to IAS interview questions and topics related to IAS, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel – 

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